Fortruss was founded with the aim of redefining the cloud through fundamentally changing the way companies create, secure, and manage their data.

Where most data storage services force data into a shared networks alongside millions of other customers and tens of millions of files like a warehouse, Fortruss utilizes a single-tenant system that stores company data safely, securely, and in its own network space, the Fortruss.

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I founded Fortruss to challenge the industry status quo and dare enterprises to think differently about how their data is managed. 


A new deployment option

Fortruss is unique because it provides each enterprise customer an on-demand private cloud for their file sync and share. This is achieved by automating the deployment of cloud services and installation of the Fortruss software. Instant deployment of private clouds also means that our customers are given a single-tenant environment. Single-tenant environments only house the traffic, data, and information from that single customer. This dramatically improves security and compliance while using file sync and share.

File sync and share

Enterprise data management is more crucial to the life of a business than most people realize. This data is the daily work product of employees and not properly handling this information can be a detriment to the company. This is why Fortruss was born. It is a simple yet powerful solution to any enterprise data management plan. I built Fortruss to give companies control and security over their data.