The Local Nick


The Local Nick

The Local Nick is a Los Angeles based startup that provides on-demand tours of Los Angeles neighborhoods. I worked with the team to assess and implement a technology system that facilitated their operations. After discovery and evaluative sessions, I developed a system that fit their needs in order to launch their service in August 2016.

Evaluate product operations
Research technology solutions
Implement technology
Provide support and manage tech growth
SaaS booking system

Requirements Discovery

The product requirements are an end result of the discovery period. By listening and understanding the product’s details, you are able to uncover the functionalities that are required. After these functionalities are clearly defined, the technology with which we will solve the problem is easily found.



Technology Development

Defining the operational needs of a company is the first step in deciding how technology will facilitate them. Once the are outlined, an extensive search about a technology solution can commence. I like to evaluate the needs in their most simple form to find a solution. My first thought is - ‘Can we do this with Google Forms?’ If the answer is no, we take a step forward on from there.

For The Local Nick, full custom development of a web app, cloud engine, and two pairs of mobile apps was the ultimate and final goal. However, being able to ship and sell a product can be achieved in a much simpler form. I evaluated dozens of frameworks, SAAS products, and technologies to find the one which most completely accomplished their needs. Once decided, I implemented the system and made custom changes to integrate it with their existing website. Their service launched in August 2016 powered by my technology implementation.