Wind Legal

Wind is a legal data processing and document review product. It is unique because it was a cross-functional project which is powered by the technical team at E-STET. Wind was created to be an additional revenue stream using the existing technical infrastructure. Beyond the product development, I also worked alongside the marketing and promotion of this product

Developing cross department operations
Research and selection of technologies
Setup and implementation of technology
Coding custom page templates
Coding marketing pages
Product marketing and promotion


Citrix ShareFile
Google Analytics


When designing the experience for Wind, our goal was to separate it from any other legal data product on the market. To achieve that, we implemented a very light, simple, and naturally beautiful aesthetic. The marketing pages and product interface was coded by me with HTML5 and CSS3 on a 12-column responsive grid.


Wind is a simple web app that allows attorneys click-button access to industry leading unstructured data processing and document review. This combination of services did not exist when Wind was created. This product dramatically reduced the barrier to entry for mid-size and small law firms to use the industry’s top tools in their practice.



The best way to describe Wind is as an ecommerce storefront for E-STET’s most commonly sold services. We developed the procedures behind Wind to easily provide the technical team with the information required to perform the work. The Wind web app completely automated payment, data delivery, and notifications to all involved users. This created a new revenue stream which eliminated sales and onboarding friction through the web app.